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Awakening the Anatomy and Physiology of Your Authentic Self

Is your heart calling for a different way of being?

Do you need support to navigate complex change?

Are you seeking an approach to your health that will integrate all of who you are in body, mind and spirit?

Do you want an experienced guide with intimate knowledge of the terrain?



I’m Dr Maria Christodoulou


Awakening Doctor, Coach and Facilitator


​I specialise in bespoke online coaching for individuals who are navigating health, life and career transitions.

If you’re standing at a crossroads and longing to reclaim not only your physical health, but a life that feels authentic, passionate, and purposeful, it would be my privilege to assist you.

Navigating Change Can Be Complex.


Particularly the kind of change that challenges you to go within and make the choices and decisions that will transform your body and your life. It’s not unusual to feel lonely and overwhelmed, or to struggle with doubt, uncertainty, and confusion.


Having an experienced and objective guide who can offer you practical tools, resources and skills, whilst holding space for you to listen to your heart, access your inner wisdom, and align more clearly with the next steps in your life path, can be invaluable.

Whether it’s a health challenge, a major crossroads, a fear of necessary change, or an inner longing for more meaning and purpose, I can support you to chart your own unique path through whatever lies ahead and emerge feeling more awake, alive, and connected to who you truly are.

Work with Me

DNA Blueprint

Discover your unique genetic blueprint and create an  optimal environment for the authentic you to thrive.

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Integral Coaching

Bespoke, online coaching sessions designed to meet your individual needs and circumstances.


The Unique Thread of You

A 9-month signature coaching journey to discover, awaken, and liberate more of who you truly are.

Book a Discovery Session

Let's discuss your needs, hopes and aspirations and design a coaching journey that is tailored to you and your unique circumstances.


Client Testimonials

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It is like she has been gifted with the ability to be a witness and facilitator for your own soul to speak.

Liana Roodt

Breast, Endocrine and General Surgeon

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