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... it’s that inner voice that keeps saying there is more… more to who you are, more that you are capable of, more that you are here to live and give.

... you’ve been diagnosed with a life-altering illness and find yourself navigating groundless terrain.​

... you yearn to leave that job that is no longer fulfilling and do something more meaningful with your time.

... you’re navigating a challenging life transition – divorce, parenting, midlife, or the impact of climate change and the global pandemic - and you need a space to reassess your priorities.

... you’re confronting the end of a significant relationship or illustrious career, and wondering what’s next.

... you’re a health professional dealing with a leadership challenge or seeking a different way to share your knowledge and gifts with the world.

... you need support to make healthier lifestyle choices and optimise your personal wellness.

... you long to feel more awake, alive, embodied, and free to be your authentic self.

Whatever it is, in your heart of hearts you know it’s time for change.

There are times in each of our lives when the world as we know it begins to fall apart. It can happen slowly, over time, or with an unexpected - even catastrophic - suddenness. It might be self-initiated, or imposed on us by circumstances outside of our control. Either way, we find ourselves standing at a crossroads.

You might be doubting your own instincts and avoiding taking necessary action. Or procrastinating and distracting yourself with familiar addictions and superficial, short-term solutions. Maybe you’ve even spiralled into burnout and depression, or sunk into resignation and despair.

I can help you to take the next steps.

Drawing on my personal life journey and eclectic combination of professional knowledge and experience, I can provide a transformative space for you to navigate change, reclaim your wholeness, and emerge with a sense of meaning and purpose that is authentic to who you truly are.

Book a Discovery Session

Let’s discuss your specific needs, hopes and aspirations, and design a coaching journey that is uniquely yours.

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