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  • 01 - What is coaching?
    Coaching is a relationship between you (the client) and me (the coach) that is built on a foundation of trust and respect, and with a shared commitment to supporting you in a process of conscious transformation and change. By entering this relationship you commit to: Taking part in a series of focused, creative, thought-provoking, and sometimes challenging conversations about your hopes, dreams, concerns and aspirations. Carving out dedicated time to pause, reflect, get clear about who you really are and what’s most important to you. Being accountable to yourself for the things that matter most. Being and becoming the change you want to see in the world. As your coach, I commit to holding space and being present as a witness, navigator, and guide. Rather than handing you a formulaic prescription for what to do, how to be or where to go, I will listen deeply, ask questions, provide feedback, share resources, and support you to see and know yourself more clearly. My approach is integral in nature, meaning it’s relational, inclusive, integrative and developmental. We start where you are and we focus on you as a whole person, living with a broader context and environment.
  • 02 - How is coaching different to therapy?
    There are many different approaches to both therapy and coaching. Art therapy is different to cognitive behavioural therapy is different to Jungian therapy or somatic psychology. Similarly, business coaching is different to life coaching is different to financial coaching or relationship coaching. Depending on the approach and on the practitioner, therapy and coaching can be very similar, or extremely different, making this a complex question to answer. Perhaps the most important distinction is that psychotherapists/ psychologists are trained to diagnose and treat people who are dealing with psychological disorders and mental illness. Coaches are not. If you’re dealing with, for example, major depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, serious psychological trauma, sexual abuse, or any ongoing, unmanaged mental health issue that is causing you significant distress, and disabling or compromising your ability to function in your daily life, then psychotherapy is probably a more suitable option for you. Coaching is ideal when something in your life needs to change, or something in your life is changing, and you would like support to navigate that change consciously and with awareness; to have a space where you can reflect more deeply and do things differently. The change can be in any area of your life and any aspect of your thinking, being and doing. Ideally, you are ready, willing, and able to participate actively in a process of self-directed personal growth, discovery, and transformation. Ultimately, both therapy and coaching aim to support people in their efforts to develop, grow, and become more effective in their lives. My medical expertise allows me some leeway in bridging the space between the two and, if necessary, I can assist you to figure out which approach is best for you, or work with your therapist to support you.
  • 03 - How many sessions will I need?
    That depends. Sustainable changes in thinking, being and behaviour happen over time. My preference is for longer-term interventions, with fortnightly or monthly sessions for a minimum of 6 to 12 months. This provides an opportunity for us to explore what is really important to you, define a compelling vision for the way forward, and allow for a process that is truly transformative. This does not preclude the possibility of a shorter-term intervention, or even one or two sessions to get clarity about a specific issue or event, and/ or define whether coaching is right for you. In our initial discovery session we will explore where you are, what you are hoping to accomplish, and decide together what will work best for you.
  • 04 - Where do sessions take place?
    I provide online coaching via Zoom to clients who are located all over the world.
  • 05 - What do sessions cost?
    My approach is tailored to your unique needs and circumstances. Pricing varies depending on the number of sessions, the additional services you might need e.g. DNA testing, ongoing support between sessions, and the type of package you select. Book a free discovery session to find out more.
  • 06 - Will you be my doctor?
    No. Whilst genetic wellness screening, pathology testing, and advice about suitable nutrition and lifestyle modifications, may form part of our collaboration, coaching is not medical consultation or treatment, and our coaching partnership will not constitute a doctor-patient relationship. As your coach, I will not examine, diagnose, or 'treat' you, nor will I replace your regular medical practitioner, or any other professionals you might need to consult. Ideally, our relationship will provide a context that will support you to engage with these other professionals (and the healthcare system) in an empowered way.
  • 07 - Will my medical aid/insurance cover the cost of sessions?
    Regrettably, sessions are not covered by medical insurance at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

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